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“Old stories are like old friends, she used to say. You have to visit them from time to time.”

Mon, 23rd of April

“Harry! Harry!”


Harry makes a run for her, but strong arms quickly wrap themselves around him, holding him back like an anchor would a ship.

“No, you can’t take her! Let go of me!”

The strong scent of wolf, a scent that Harry has grown to associate with Remus Lupin, registered momentary before Katniss’s frantic gaze met his.



Her voice sounded desperate, wild, and worst of all, terrified. Katniss was never terrified. Throughout the entire games she was nothing but brave, strong. Not now. Now she sounded frightened, she sounded hysterical and Harry realized he was going to have to be the brave one.

His voice was growing raw from screaming her name and Remus was having a tough time holding him back. Still the man was a werewolf and Harry was but a child. And so, despite all the struggling and the fighting, Remus managed to keep Harry from running into the fray while the Capitol took away the girl, Katniss Everdeen.

“They’re going to kill her, Remus! They’re going to kill her!”

“I’m sorry, Harry.”

“No, no! I won’t let this happen. I have to save her! I swear it to you. I’m going to save her!”

Remus has never seen the boy who lived looked more determined about anything in his life.

A HP/THG Crossover AU